Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2: Drooling over food network

Okay, so I've made it through almost two full days without bread (I haven't had time to bake any and I don't trust all the preservatives in the store-bought sliced kind; but you can have whole wheat bread if you want or french baguettes since french bread usually has less preservatives than pre-sliced white bread) , sugar, or CHOCOLATE. Good lord. On the sugar front, I've got to say this is a landmark for me. Most of the time when I "swear off sugar forever," usually after consuming too much brownie batter, I cave in like six hours.
I almost couldn't resist temptation today when my sweet neighbor brought over some italian cookies in the afternoon which the rest of my family was relishing... I was literally sniffing the pastries and my tougue was half a millimeter away from dooming my integrity. However, summoning the willpower of Superwoman, (hey I bet she has to work out a LOT to keep in ass-kicking shape wearing that tiny bikini and defend wimpy chocolaholics like me) I managed to clutch at what was left of my dignity, grab a handful of almonds, and head to the treadmill to burn off all that energy while envisioning a giant creme crepe dangling in front of me.

Here's the (proudly sugar-free) intake of the day:

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal with an egg boiled into it. Some turkey and an apple. Snacked on another apple halfway through class.

LUNCH: A turkey salad (lettuce, carrots, celery, shredded leftover turkey) dressed with soy sauce and apple vinegar. Pear for dessert.

DINNER: Mom made turkey and carrot dumplings! (Like potstickers but boiled rather than fried) Such a pick-me-up after falling asleep twice in class. Had a few of those and three pears plus handfuls of almonds to pull me through my workout.

WORKOUT: 30 minutes strength-building yoga, 30 minutes intense cardio intervals on the treadmill- 6 sets of 4 minutes super intense running (about 7-8 on the intensity scale, 10 being you're running from me on a bad hair day) followed by 1 minute of brisk walking. 5 minute cooldown.

I'm watching a rerun of Top Chef: Just Desserts right now and I think mom is yelling at me for getting the couch wet with drool...
Only one more day left- hope y'all are doing well!
Here're some recipes I'm dying to try out after the sugar deprevation is over:

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