Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Pick-Me-Up

Thursdays are such a downer for me. It's getting towards the end of the week with Friday in sight bring promise of the relative freedom of the weekend, but it's NOT Friday yet and the week just gets so tedious.
So from now on, every regular Thursday I'll be posting a list of three of my accomplishments this week so far, as well as one little thing in life that makes me happy.

Of course, a post is just not as good without some pictures, so here's some photos of Lulu to start us off:

(BTW I spent quite a bit of time chasing her around trying to get these photos, since she obviously didn't learn "stay" very well in doggie school.)

Another blurry picture of her playing ninja!

Anyways, here are some things I accomplished this week:

1.) Ran 5k last night
2.) Brushed Lulu
3.) Got 100% on a pop quiz while forgetting to study the night before

Something that's making me happy right now:

*It's orange season! Don't you just love the smell of fresh, tangy citrus?

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