Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1: Mildly craving a cookie

This hasn't been a huge lifestyle change for me, but I definitely do miss chocolate. I'm a firm believer in that every meal should have dessert, and so my fruit consumption has gone way up. You'll also find I eat a lot of home-cooked chinese food, as in my house pretty much all the meals are Chinese food  (unless I'm in a mood for more adventurous cooking.) since we're a Chinese family!
Here's what I ate today:

BREAKFAST: Millet and wild rice porridge; a staple food of Northern Chinese, this porridge is a bit more like a thick gruel. Had a bite or two of dried meat (my mom makes it herself and hangs it in the garage) as well as some stir-fried corn in my porridge. Several handfuls of yummy ripe blackberries to slake my sweet tooth.

LUNCH: I packed some steamed turkey salad with carrots, celery, and romaine lettuce, dressed in a bit of soy sauce, olive oil, and apple wine vinegar, garnished with black pepper. A pear (one of my fave fruits!) for dessert

DINNER: This one's a bit tougher, since I volunteered at the community center and dinner was provided there. Of course, since they were serving pizza and catering leftovers, I ate beforehand. Had a whole box of blackberries (yes I know that is a helluva lot of blackberries) to staunch my sudden urge to empty a box of brownie batter, and a large portion of baked salmon and broccoliwith another pear for dessert. Ate at around 3:30 to 4:00, so after the volunteering event was over I had an apple and some almonds to power me through one and a half hour of dance.

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