Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Fair Photos

I reassure y'all out there- yes, I am alive. It's been one hell of a hectic week, with intense dance sessions and some interior work going on in my house. Haven't had much time to cook- or eat, really, as I've been pretty much living off of coffee, ice cream, and fruit the whole week. We've got a new microwave put in and all the cabinets refinished.
Headed to an art fair downtown yesterday, and saw some of the most interesting pieces of art, as well as several food-inspired creations.

Rings, hairpins, and various other accesories with little culinary creations (made out of some kind of clay) as decoration! And get this- they're scented according to whatever shape they're in. The pancakes smell like maple syrup, and the donuts smell like a bakery, and the pumpkin pie smells like cinnamon heaven.


Gorgeous truffle ring with a bite taken out of it! Yum...

Could not resist snapping a close-up with my ipod touch. Sorry the picture's kind of grainy; digitals tend to do that

Free idea board- some of these notes made me laugh so hard in the middle of the street that people passing me were wondering about the state of my mental health

Grainy shot of a minature cheese tasting board. As the logo goes- 0% Gluten, 0% Fat, 100% Cute!
Okay, cheesey, I know (excuse the lame pun) but that is the actual slogan of the artists's brand.

After that, we had one of our rare family nights out and went to a very delish and authentic Thai restaurunt, Sawatdee. We ordered three dishes for the four of us (as restaurant proportions are often quite large) and all of them were great, with that simple taste and clean, clear notes that is the trademark of lovingly prepared Thai food.

"Fisherman's delight"- a scramble of crab meat, broccoli, cauliflower, and other seafood. Very homey asian cooking and had a distinct note of lime and lemon juice.

Laab Esan- a traditional dish of minced meat (in my case chicken), cilantro, fresh mint, lime juice, and other ingredients common in Thai cooking, and on a bed of raw lettuce leaves. There are countless variations of this dish, but the most well-known is the North Eastern version.

Chicken Curry; the more authentic and common version is Green Curry, but my mother prefers and makes red curry at home and thus that is what we ordered. It wasn't as spicy as I would've liked, but on the other hand the lack of spiciness really brought out the special flavor of the curry and made it not too overwhelming.

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