Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving On

Blooming Taste Buds was the first blog I've ever truly devoted my time to like this, and I've matured with it. However, as I change, so do my interests, which are (as always, geared towards the edible!) food, exercise, and life in itself.
So I'll leave this site feed up for 2 weeks before you'll be redirected to my new blog. But fear not!
I have a new blog and a clean slate:
This blog will still be mostly about food, but also not so monochromatic and will also portray my everyday life as a teenage foodie and exercise junkie. I'll also repost many of my old recipes on there, so make sure you check it out!
Thank y'all for supporting me through this, and it's been a helluva ride!

Hope to see y'all on my new blog,


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