Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second trip to the fair!

Got a boatload of pics this time of my trip to the state fair with my kick-ass family! Please excuse all the exclamation mark as I just downed like 10 brownies after coming home from a good game of tennis and all that sugar is just buzzing in my system...
Anyways, enjoy!

Fried Bologna on a stick! Split this with my little bro. You've gotta start off with something to eat, right? The excess of oil and sodium made it taste great, but when it cooled it tasted like spam. Kinda like most fried foods at the fair...

Crab fritters stuffed with chopped veggies, crab meat, and egg, deep-fried in batter, then served with some SouthWestern sauce. Really nice, and some real traditional home-style cooking.

Something sweet! A frozen banana dipped in chocolate. And just to inform y'all out there, the reason I'm not clinically obese yet is due to the fact that I take nibbles of everything! So pretty much all the food in the pictures were either split with someone else, or my brother or dad was eating it and I tortured them by making them pause to snap a pic. 

Visiting the animals

 A real horse's ass. Okay, I know it's immature, but pictures of animal butts still never fail to amuse me, so please bear with me through the next couple butt-shots.

Cows in a row

Okay last cow butt picture, I promise! When I was little I used to think that chocolate milk came from chocolate cows. Guess that fantasy still hasn't been broached. Wonder where strawberry milk would come from then, since I've never seen a pink cow before.

Anemic-looking sheep. I'm pretty sure it ate some lady's hat...

Another animal butt picture! I'm sorry, but I cannot stop myself from thinking of bacon every time I see a pig. And yes, I realize the irony of posting farm animals that are very butcher-ready when I am such a carnivore.

Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, anybody?

Cutest little piglet! Only 13 days old... (And in my sick mind: not yet fully formed pork tenderloin.)

I milked a goat! It wasn't even mildly scary, as goats seem to be such stubborn and interesting creatures that we actually get along very well. Visions of Heidi drift in my mind.

Chicken Einstein

Placid-looking goose.

Ginormous turkey leg the size of my arm. And though I have short arms, let me tell ya; that's a big-ass turkey leg! Kinda felt guilty about eating it though after just seeing all those turkeys in the fowl building.

 Said turkey leg about 10 minutes later, gnawed clean by the combined efforts of me, my dad, and my brother.

Brisket sandwich for my brother, ordered at my fave southern-style food stand. Really greasy and flavorful, with the gravy soaked into it and the meat just coming apart in your mouth.

Ice cream machine from 1939

Refreshing strawberry ice cream freshly made from that machine

Ketchup and Mustard flavored lip balm! They handed them out for free somewhere in the fair, and I got super-obsessed trying to mix the two into the perfect orangey combo. The ketchup tastes more marinara sauce-like and almost cherry-ish, but the mustard was full-on mustard! Very interesting when I mixed the ketchup with my other french-fry flavored lip balm.

And that's the end of my state fair adventure! Until next year!

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