Sunday, August 28, 2011

Volunteering at the State Fair

As you guys probably know by now, I'm an avid fan of what I like to term, "Fair Food." The fried, sodium-rich delights that are often unique to that specific state fair or area. And since state fairs only exist within the United States, there are some foods that not only originated and became popular through them, but are also linked in our memories to noisy crowds and ferris wheels.
Yesterday, I volunteered to be a sanitation worker and pick up trash at the state fair for a fundraising project my tennis team was participating in. The work was pretty grueling, to be honest, but there is a reason our state fair is the cleanest in the country!

My work squad
We got a combined one and a half hour break, and during that time I decided to go check out the food stalls and trucks. Because what's the first thing you do when you're at the state fair? Find something to eat, of course. Sadly, I only have a few pictures due to technical failures on my part- my camera filters broke and then it ran out of film. However, I'll probably be back there with my family sometime next week, so there'll be lots more pics soon!

I don't know who stuck this to the side of our garbage cart, but the thought of eggs with garbage was enough to kill my appetite for the day... almost.

Fried green tomatoes! The crunchy fried crust compliments the bitter and tart green tomato wrapped inside, and was surprisingly delicious.

Mini donuts!!! I was so fascinated by the mini-donut-making machine that I filmed like 10 seconds of it and posted it below

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post pictures of key lime pie on a stick, or home made farm-fresh ice cream... Ah, the wonders go on and on! Count on another state fair post in the near future!

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