Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life worth living

I find fall such a romantic season, possibly because to "see something slowly be destroyed is to appreciate it's peak"- Anonymous.
The weather is perfect, and it's the one season where you can wear boots, sweaters, dresses, flip-flops, and straw hats without getting odd looks.
I'm generally not a very romantic person, and I often find romanticism (especially Shelley) a bit irritatingly hypocritic, but at the same time, in rare moments of self-reflection, I find that I rather enjoy romantic-era writing and style. To sit outside during the sunset with a cup of coffee, my ipod, and an enjoyable read, is one of those moments I savor.

The little things are what makes life what it is. Here are some things that make me happy right now:

Sunsets (or sunrises)


The Stewie doll I won (after losing about ten dollars to the machine) at a bowling alley

Chopin nocturne in E minor



Cute bear mug I found in a flea market


Basic canvas and leather backpack that goes with my fall aesthetic- rugged, feminine, minimalist


What is more romantic than two beautiful fools?

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  1. oh how i love cyrano. I think he was my first real crush.



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